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About Christine L. Nguyen

Christine L. Nguyen is a Pan-Identifying Vietnamese/Chinese actor born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Christine has had her eyes set on becoming a storyteller at a young age when she played the role of a "Munchkin" in her Grade 5 production of The Wizard of Oz. She would go on to attend Sheridan College and Toronto Metropolitan University for Acting as well as train at Factory Theatre's Mechanical Program for enriching actors.

Outside of acting, Christine practices martial arts and has had the honor of competing in the Ontario Winter Games. She is also a crafter, an avid runner, and a vicious Magic the Gathering (MTG) player. She is passionate about rescuing animals and hopes to one day open an animal sanctuary of her own.

As the daughter of immigrant refugees from the Vietnam War, Christine has dedicated her career as a love letter to her parents with gratitude for their incredible sacrifice.

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